Time and Space Mother and Son Night

Time & Space programs are designed to strengthen and grow relationships, especially during times of change and transition. Time & Space for Mothers and Sons focuses on the big step from primary to secondary school.

On Monday 21 May, De La Salle College hosted our Time & Space Mother and Son event and it was a great success. Every year we receive wonderful feedback from both the students and their female guardians and carers. Thank you to Bill Jennings for his work in this space, and we hope you enjoy these reviews from two participants, Mrs Sally Ashe and Ellis Ashe, Year 7.

Mother’s review by Sally Ashe

The Time and Space evening, hosted by Bill Jennings, was an evening dedicated for mothers, female mentors and their sons to reflect on their important relationship. At the beginning of their De La Salle journey our boys are experiencing a major transition from primary to secondary school and this evening allows us to share our experiences of this big step. Throughout the evening Bill led discussions about how times of transition can be major events in a boy’s life, bringing many challenges, joys and emotions for mother and son.

I was looking forward to spending some quality one-on-one time with Ellis, away from our busy day-to-day lives, to chat, laugh and reflect on our relationship. The evening also allowed me to share discussions with other mums and their boys regarding their experience of starting at De La Salle. The boys were fantastic and I was impressed how confidently they spoke to openly share insights into their lives.

As part of the evening, we were each asked to bring along a treasured item to share with one another that said something about our relationship. The highlight of the evening was seeing all these treasures from every mother and son displayed at the front of the hall.

Overall, the evening was an extremely positive experience that Ellis and I were able to share with other families at De La Salle. By allowing ourselves time and space we will continue to strengthen our relationship as mum and son.

Son’s review by Ellis Ashe

I expected the night just to be mainly speaking one-on-one with my mum but it was a nice surprise to speak to the others boy’s parents. I think it was really good how they structured the night to make sure we weren’t just speaking with our mums but with other mums too. To begin the evening we went off and spoke to another parent and student and I think this was a really good way to find out what relationships other people had with their mums/mentors. We then moved into small groups and were asked to discuss questions about our transition from primary to secondary school. These questions allowed us all to talk about our experiences of starting at De La Salle and it was reassuring to find that we all felt the same about this big step. Finally, we spoke with our mums/mentors and shared our treasures with them. As part of the evening, we had to share a treasure that meant something with our mum/mentor. I brought in a photo of my mum and me when I was just born and my mum brought in the ultrasound picture of when she was pregnant with me and wrote me a letter. This night allowed me to talk one-on-one with my mum without having the distractions of everyday life. I think the night was a great experience to have and I recommend it to the future year 7 boys.

Ms Sarah O’Connor
Personal Development Coordinator

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