Welcome Aaron Trusler, Lasallian Youth Minister

Greetings parents, students and staff, my name is Aaron Trusler and I am the new Lasallian Youth Minister for 2018.

I graduated from De La Salle last year, where I was fortunate enough to be a College Vice-Captain. During my time as Vice-Captain, I was able to immerse myself in the Lasallian family, to see all aspects of the Lasallian life and experience the amazing effect it has on people.

I was fortunate enough to travel to De La Salle, Bomana in Papua New Guinea. Being in PNG was my first overseas worldwide experience of the Lasallian family. Seeing how all the students in PNG embraced us and made us feel like family, made me truly appreciate the worldwide Lasallian values. The Lasallian spirit was so strong. I desire to replicate a similar feeling of family and camaraderie here at De La Salle, Malvern by working with the senior students to encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and speak to the younger year levels or even just students in their class that they may not know very well.

I was also fortunate enough to attend the Lasallian Student Leadership Seminar in Sydney, where there were 60 student leaders from 22 Lasallian schools across the ANZPPNG district (Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea). This seminar was run by youth ministers who truly inspired me to become one myself. They taught and lived-out the Lasallian values of faith, service and community, which was an amazing experience to be a part of. They treated everyone with respect and generosity and encouraged every student leader to get out of their comfort zone and get to know the other leaders from across ANZPPNG. Out of the 32 Lasallian schools across the ANZPPNG district, only four do not have a Youth Minister at their school, with some Lasallian schools appointing two Youth Ministers, so this is not an unfamiliar role worldwide.

My role is committed to strengthening the Lasallian charism with the students. It is my job to exercise wise stewardship and provide a point of reference for students to act out the Lasallian values of faith, service and community. This year, the College theme is Inclusiveness so I hope to work closely with the senior students, to ensure the junior students feel welcomed and a part of this wonderful Lasallian family.

One of my key roles is to start a Lasallian Youth Team, a social justice group targeted at Year 11 students. The team will be advocating for social justice and raising awareness of issues around the world. I encourage all students to get involved in this, as it will strengthen the sense of Lasallian spirit, and the teachings of St John Baptist de La Salle.

Mr Aaron Trusler
Lasallian Youth Minister

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