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Now that are a few weeks into the 2018 school year, students are having to cope with school assessments and assignments while trying to adjust to their new classes and new teachers.

Until your son finds his groove this can be a time of increased worry and stress. A stressed mind can lead students to become disorganised, have difficulty starting homework (as they feel so overwhelmed they don’t know where or how to start) and often leads to irritability (those short responses when they walk in the door after their day at school). This can be highly frustrating for parents who are trying very hard to put everything in place to set their son up for success in the 2018 school year.

This article is a good reminder of the ‘emotional rest’ adolescents need and how parent’s responses to their son’s stress can impact on their emotions.

 “I would feel very worried if my pilot had a big emotional reaction to turbulence. The pilot’s reaction would cause me to feel emotionally uneasy. It would probably cause me to have a big reaction because I’m looking to her/him to lead in this scenario. In the same way, our responses and reactions can cause our children to feel emotionally uneasy. So, while I’m not suggesting we be robotic or inhuman in our reactions, we do have the responsibility as parents to ensure that our kids feel confident in our ability to handle raising them, even (and maybe especially) when they test us.”

Ms Karina Dubroja
College Psychologist — Tiverton Campus

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