Write a Book in a Day

Write a Book in a Day? – Yes we can!

It was a dark and stormy morning when 53 timorous souls queued outside the Tiverton Library. We awaited the opening of those doors and the gauntlet that lay within, for we were to undertake a challenge spoken of only in hushed tones around the campfire: we were to compete in the ‘Write a Book in a Day’ competition. But for glory, and for the Kids’ Cancer Project, we steadied our hearts for the upcoming trial.

Seriously, though — we’d been looking forward to it. The morning briefing made it clear we had our work cut out for us – 4000 words required for our short story, along with illustrations – to be completed in under 12 hours. What made the challenge unique were five parameters (two main characters, a non-human character, a setting and an issue) that the story had to follow, and five random words that we had to include, just to spice things up. These ensured that each story was unique and was probably something we hadn’t written anything like before. Our team may have spent a little too long working out our creative differences but with the deadline approaching, we needed to work together to get all aspects of the book together.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Miss Sarah O’Connor, who organised the event and gave us this great opportunity, and to the other teachers who were present: Mr Devlin, Mr Fleming, Ms Harkin, Ms Wenczel and Mr Williamson. It was a unique experience and one we will look forward to participating in for the future!

By Cormac Fleming, Kevin Xie, Richard Bland and Cooper Ryan, Year 9

Read what we wrote! Click on the covers below to open a PDF of the story.

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