Year 10 Biology gets under the skin

Year 10 Biological Science Excursion — VITAL — Body Worlds

On 11 October the Year 10 Biological Science students headed to Melbourne Showgrounds, where they took in Gunther von Hagen’s Exhibition “VITAL”, part of his BodyWorlds Expo.

The students got to see first-hand plastinated bodies, which had been ethically donated for purpose of educating society about the human anatomy. They journeyed through all 13 body systems to deepen their understanding of the human body, but also to see the effects of life that take tolls on the body be it an inherited disease, ageing or even life choices such as smoking.

Students were in awe of the exhibition as there was so much they could physically see which gave them an appreciation of the human body and its mechanics.

We heard shocked reactions of how small the smallest bone in the body is (in the ear), and their awe at seeing some of the bone disorders that people live with every day.

Some of the exhibition highlights elicited comments from the students such as;

  • I can’t believe how many blood vessels there are in the face”
  • That’s what a hip replacement looks like?”
  • I can’t believe how different the smoker’s lung is in comparison to a non-smokers lung”

This was a wonderful learning opportunity for our Year 10 biology students. A big thank you to the staff members who made this possible — Mr Shardul Kaneria (Learning Area Team Leader), and our attendant Biology Teachers, Mr Paul Harrup and Ms Aoife Bermingham.

Mr Justin Bourke
Excursion Organiser/Biology Teacher

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