Year 12 Formal

On Thursday 14 June, the Year 12 cohort celebrated their Year 12 formal at The Lincoln of Toorak.

The night commenced around 7:00pm and started with Panos saying grace, followed by an incredible entree. Between courses, the DJ (who also played a saxophone) turned up the music and everyone was on the floor having a dance. Mains were then served while awards were read out with Tom Fogarty and his partner named formal King and Queen of the evening, then proceeded to have a slow dance before inviting everyone else onto the dance floor.

The night concluded with dessert and a rendition of “take me home, country road” and the De La Salle Woompa. Everyone on the night looked incredible and we’d like to extend our thanks to Mr Peter Houlihan, Ms Lisa Harkin and Ms Chris Mundy and all the teachers who came for their hard work and participation in such a wonderful evening.

John Beaton, Joshua Paul and Panos Menidis

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