Year 9 Rural Experience

The backdrop for the Year 9 Rural Experience was the Snowy River National Park. The students spent Semester 2 researching issues that are relevant to rural or ‘bush’ life.

Research topics included: health management; mitigation of risks; Indigenous land use; sustainability; and the role of burning in the Australian bush. The students faced many challenges throughout this investigation – working with students that were not in their mentor group or friendship groups; time and work management as many had ACC sport commitments; worry about whether they could cope with the physical demands of camp.

It was terrific to see the students rise to, and grow from these challenges. Students found happiness in rafting, resilience in hiking, bravery in abseiling, wonder in caving, strength in rock climbing and enjoyment in cooking! They developed strong bonds within their camp groups. Students also found out many interesting facts to enhance and augment their research. They will be presenting their findings to the Year 7 students in an Expo next Friday.

Congratulations to all the Year 9 students who embraced the rural experience and have returned with an inner strength and knowledge of their capabilities!

It is a big ask of teachers to be away from family for five days, to ‘rough it’ and participate in all activities so that students can develop an aspect and understanding of themselves which can never be taught in a classroom. My gratitude is extended to Ms Emma Fairclough, Ms Sharni Folland, Ms Carly Walsh, Mr Stephen Brick, Mr Michael Wilson, Mr David Alexander, Mr Michael Chippendale, Mr Andrew Clements, Mr Tom Ryan, Mr Jack Gabron-Uhe, and Mr Dean Mackintosh. The generosity and willingness of these teachers to be mum, dad, friend and guide over the week of the camp added an important dimension to the learning of Year 9 students at De La Salle College.

Please enjoy the images of camp life.


Ms Elizabeth O’Connell
Year 9 In9uiry Coordinator

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