Chaplain’s Notes

Year 7 Retreat Day

In a lively and highly interactive presentation, the YMT (Youth Ministry Team Australia) invited the Year 7 students to reflect more deeply on community and a sense of belonging.

Through a series of games, skits, small group discussions the students were led to own and believe in, their own uniqueness and the importance of being true to themselves. The reflection days culminated in an invitation to recognise that it is in relationship with the person of Jesus that they most discover their uniqueness and value.

Year 8 Reflection Day

As we come to our celebration of the Feast of St John Baptist de La Salle this week our Year 8 students have started on their round of reflection days. A deep theme in St John Baptist de La Salle’s life was to know each other and to listen to the Spirit of God in all we do. So it is that the Youth Ministry Team focused the Year 8 Retreat on “Knowing God”. The students reflected on their images of God and moved towards their personal relationship with Jesus and their ability to listen to His Spirit. The day culminated in quiet, shared prayer.

Mrs Joan Ferguson
College Chaplain

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