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Staff and Operations

Supervision of The Yard

Parents and students, please note that daily supervision of the College grounds commences at 8:15am and concludes at 3:30pm. Parents are asked to be mindful of this particularly when dropping students off early for school. 

Term 2

Term 2 commences for students on Tuesday 23 April. ANZAC Day (Thursday 25 April) is a public holiday and the College will be closed. The College’s annual ANZAC Service for students and staff will be held on Wednesday 24 April.

Uniform Term 2

A reminder to parents all students are required to wear full winter uniform from the start of Term 2. This means students must wear a tie and winter shirt (long sleeve). Class and House Mentors will follow-up uniform issues with students and may refer students to a House or Year Level Coordinator.

ACC Sport

In Term 2, students from across Year 7 to Year 12 will be involved in ACC Football and Soccer. DLS football shorts and socks are available from the Uniform Shop at Tiverton.

Lost Property

There are a number of lost items of uniform from this term at Reception areas on each campus. Students are asked to check at Reception if they have lost anything before the end of the term.

Mission Action Day (MAD)

Mission Action Day to be held on Friday 5 April is a compulsory school day for all students. If any student is unable to attend, the College asks parents to offer a written explanation to be addressed to the appropriate YLC or House Coordinator.

Students are asked to make a final special effort over this week to increase their sponsorship.

Each student should be aiming for a minimum of $50 to help the College achieve this year’s target of $100,000 to assist Lasallian Missions both in Australia and Asia.

Tiverton Canteen

There will be no canteen facilities available at Tiverton campus on Tuesday 23 April, Wednesday 24 April and Friday 26 April. The canteen at Tiverton will re-open for Term 2 on Monday 29 April. 

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations


On Friday 22 March, the De La Salle College Athletics Carnival was held at Lakeside Stadium. It was a pleasure to see the involvement of all students as they jumped, ran, threw and cheered their way through the day. It was fantastic to see the levels of involvement of the students, and the passion that they brought to supporting their House. 

In a first this year, De La Salle awarded a Spirit Trophy, recognising the House that most consistently cheered, chanted, got involved and had the cleanest House area. As St John Baptist de La Salle said: ‘Make it one of your chief occupations to bring about union among your Brothers’. This is truly what the Spirit Trophy recognises – the joining of De La Salle students as brothers supporting each other. Congratulations to the inaugural winners of the Spirit Trophy in 2019 – St. Edwin’s House! 

Uniform and Appearance

A reminder that the upcoming holidays are an excellent opportunity to ensure that uniform is clean, neat and tidy. In particular, students can take the time to make certain that their hair is off the collar, off the face and looking neat. Thanks to parents for their support of the College with this. 

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal — Students

Faith and Mission

Mission Action Day 

In our Lasallian context, we give meaning to the idea of “sacrifice” in the way we live and enact service to others. At De La Salle College, it is through our commitment and participation in Mission Action Day that as a community, support the poor and marginalised. Through our participation in Mission Action Day, we provide ongoing commitment and support to various Lasallian missions and projects as well as other local and national community needs. In particular;

  • Diyagala, Boystown in Sri Lanka; 
  • De La Salle Secondary, in Bomana, Papua New Guinea;
  • VCAL Applied Learning Social Justice trip to Wilcannia, in Outback New South Wales;
  • Lasallian Twinning Program, La Salle Secondary College in Khushpur, Pakistan; 
  • St Joseph’s Outreach, South Yarra and;
  • Foundation House Dandenong.

Lenten Liturgy

On Thursday morning, we gathered as a College community in the gym for the Lenten Liturgy. Our Lenten Liturgy takes the form of what we, as a Catholic, Lasallian community traditionally associate with the season of Lent, The Stations of the Cross. 

Our Lenten Liturgy invited us to symbolically journey through those fateful stops with Jesus. By praying, reflecting and listening throughout each of the stations, we too, also journeyed the passion of Christ and provided us an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made by giving his life up for us. 

Jesus lived and died for that essential idea; the ultimate unselfish act as announced in John’s Gospel;

A man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friend.

John 15:13

The cross is at the centre of our Christian faith and it holds strong to our belief that when one acts with kind words and good deeds, then one’s life has responded to Jesus’ call to act justly.

Year 7 Reflection Days 

Reflection Days are wonderful opportunities for all students to take a step back, develop their reflective capabilities, nurture relationships with their peers and nourish their faith journeys. 

Tuesday 30 April 7 Roland, 7 Solomon, 7 Vincent Ms Marta Webster, Mr Adam Jacobs, Dr Melissa Walsh 
Thursday 2 May 7 Benilde, 7 Dunstan Mr Adam Jacobs, Mr Chris Fleming 
Friday 3 May 7 Hegarty, 7 Jerome Mr Paul Maxted, Ms Kathryn Holewa 

Parents are asked to please carefully read the details in the communication that was sent home recently. 

Make Your Easter Chocolate Slavery-free

We are reminded each year by the Office of Justice and Peace at the Cardinal Knox Centre to make wise choices when we purchase chocolate at Easter. 

We in the developed nations shouldn’t be exploiting children and vulnerable people – our brothers and sisters — so that we can enjoy chocolate as part of our celebration of Easter – (or at any time during the year).

Every person ought to have the awareness that purchasing is always a moral – and not simply an economic – act. 

Pope Francis

ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) urges everyone intending to buy chocolate, or run chocolate fundraising during Lent and Easter to:

  • Buy only slavery-free chocolate – use your buying power to take a stand.
  • Use only slavery-free chocolate in school fundraising.
  • Eat only slavery-free chocolate. If your local/favourite shop doesn’t sell slavery-free chocolate then ask them to please start stocking it.
  • Find out about cocoa bean production and the plight of many children in chocolate production.
  • Thank the managers of stores that are stocking slavery-free chocolate this Easter.
  • Discuss your slavery-free chocolate decision with five other people to help spread the word.

What to Look for

Slavery-free chocolate carries one of these three labels — FAIRTRADE, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certified. 

To find out more about the campaign and slavery-free chocolate please click here.

Mrs Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission 

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