From the Principal

At this time of year, with Semester 1 concluding last week, all students should reflect on their performance and develop strategies for improvement in the second half of the year. You will be able to access your son’s Semester 1 Reports on Ollie by the end of next week, Friday 28 June.

Parents’ support, encouragement and guidance are crucial in this space. You will have heard me speak on various occasions and seen my articles on the value of relationships in a school. The three-way partnership between parents, staff and students is a traditional strength here at De La Salle and it is my intention here to reiterate the critical nature of that relationship and commitment.

The data provided on each report at each year level is an invaluable source of feedback and direction. All those involved in the learning and teaching program at De La Salle have invested an extraordinary amount of time and effort in recent years in the development of innovative and improved courses and assessment tasks designed to enable and identify progression throughout each year. The reports convey an unambiguous picture of where your son is placed at this point in the academic year.

We have worked hard to set high standards and our expectations are simple and clear – De La Salle students must work with their teachers to achieve their own personal best. For the majority of students this works out well and their Reports will demonstrate growth and progression – a solid platform from which to launch Semester 2. For a minority, intervention will be required in the form of the Student Progression team contacting students and parents to review progress, set goals and conditions for Semester 2 and discuss options for 2020 subject selection. 

For Year 12 students, it is critical a strategic, focussed approach is identified and adhered to for Semester 2. Taking responsibility for improving organisational skills, time management, commitment and relationships with teachers are all simple but key steps. Year 10 and Year 11 students must put in the effort and achieve the results they need to guarantee their promotion to the VCE Units of their choice in 2020. These are not automatic and certainly not a given. The responsible and ambitious student sets himself targets, works in a spirit of cooperation with his teachers and ensures he makes the most of the opportunities provided by parents and the College. 

All at De La Salle are here to support families in Semester 2 and beyond and we look forward to working closely in a Lasallian atmosphere – as per our Core Principles — of Respect and Inclusiveness, resulting in a Quality Education for all.

Last Saturday night I was privileged to attend another superb community event, the Old Collegians Football Club’s Annual Blue and Gold Gala Dinner. Held at the beautiful Hawthorn Arts Centre, this is always a simply wonderful night. What I love about this evening each year is the way the football club demonstrates it is about so much more than just footy.

Of course, the game itself is pivotal to the club’s existence and that’s great, but on evenings like this it is an opportunity to reflect on the fact that the club provides so much more to so many people than just being a place to play footy. The formalities, the video clips, the announcement and lauding of new Club Legends, the celebration of tradition, the promotion of women, the camaraderie and sense of belonging, spread across generations make this a unique environment.

The Old Collegians now have nine teams, including two women’s teams with 2019 seeing the launching of our over-35s women’s team, the Cannons. We have three Under 19 teams, largely made up of our Year 11 and 12 students, which many amateur clubs would love to emulate.

The football club has invested a great deal of work over the years to make itself much more than a sporting organisation. So many good people doing so much work to provide a place for all to belong, to contribute and to flourish in a safe and supportive environment has developed a wonderful sense of community.

There was evident on Saturday night a terrific sense of pride in the College, in maintaining great memories and a significant connection with the school, the football club and all that both have given, to so many. I have been to the club on the odd Thursday night and Saturday games and it is wonderful to see so many players – male and female – and families come together to socialise and continue their link with the Lasallian community.

I encourage you to come along to their games, especially at home at the old Dairy Bell oval, support the teams and join the socialising in the clubrooms afterwards. It would be great to see a lot of our younger boys behind the goals cheering on the various teams – especially this week when we take on traditional Catholic rivals, Xavier!

2019 Blue and Gold Ball and Gala Dinner Photo Gallery

I wish all families and staff a restful time in the well-deserved break ahead.

Mr Peter Houlihan

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