From the Principal

It is a pleasure to be writing to you, the College community, as we commence the final term for 2019. For our Year 12 students, this is likely to be a “roller-coaster” few weeks of memorable moments and a considerable amount of stress. 

The end of Year 12 brings to fruition six years of secondary schooling and the De La Salle community is there to support and encourage the Graduating Class of 2019 over this time. A number of significant events are planned over the next two weeks, including a Year 12 Breakfast, final House and College Assemblies on 18 October, a Celebration Day at Sidetracked, South Oakleigh on 21 October and the Valedictory Mass and Dinner on 23 October.

There are heightened expectations on all Year 12 students at this time. Throughout the year we have reminded our Year 12 students that each one is a leader at the College and therefore has a responsibility to lead through their positive actions and academic endeavours. 

Staff at the College have accompanied the graduands at each level of their journey and are to be commended for their outstanding commitment and diligence in preparing the young men not only for the rigours of the exam period, but a successful transition to their future lives. 

In the second week of the school holidays, all Unit 3 and 4 students undertook trial VCE exams. Thank you to VCE Coordinator Ms Liz O’Connell and the staff who gave of their time to be at the College to supervise and support the students each day.

On behalf of the College community, I wish the Year 12 cohort every success for the exams ahead and thank the parents and guardians for their support in making our educational partnership a successful one.

Over the September holidays, a number of significant works were completed on the Tiverton Campus, including the removal of trees and the completion of the refurbishment of the Tower Building. This heritage building dates to 1929 and while the façade looks as elegant as ever, the learning spaces have been renewed, transforming them into fresh contemporary learning environments. In the near future, a plan will be finalised for the next phase of refurbishment at Tiverton and arrangements made for the utilisation of the Tower Building for 2020.

From 15 September to 3 October, a group of Italian Language students, accompanied by Mrs Lil Russo, Mrs Marta Webster and Mr David Happ, participated in a very successful trip to Italy. Students were able to attend school in Orvieto and undertake a range of wonderful cultural and sight-seeing activities, as well as enhancing their confidence in their language skills. Click here to view the Photo Gallery.

The start of Term 4 also brings new ACC seasons in cricket, volleyball and tennis, as well as debating, chess and public speaking competitions. There are also two Performing Arts productions underway. Year 7 and 8 students are currently rehearsing for Mink and Sam with Sacré Cœur, to be performed on 31 October and 1 November. Senior students are also working hard on the 2020 Senior Production with OLSH Typhoid Mary. Both of these productions continue our fine tradition of giving students the opportunity to be involved in quality Performing Arts events.

Finally, a reminder to all students that Term 4 brings a chance for a “fresh start” to consolidate and implement the learning that has already occurred throughout the year. In many ways, Term 4 is the most exciting term of the year as it brings the opportunity to complete so many tasks and it culminates with Headstart and transition programs where all students will move to their 2020 classes. All is set for the learning and challenges that the last term of the school year always brings.

Mr Tom Ryan
Acting Principal

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