Holy Eucharist Campus

On Monday 27 May, Holy Eucharist Campus hosted a truly meaningful evening for 50 of our Year 9 students and a significant woman in their life. 

De La Salle College is incredibly proud of the relationship we are building with the Rites of Passage Institute and it is our Year 9 students that are the beneficiaries. 

This institute was founded by Dr Arne Rubinstein. Arne is an expert on Rites of Passage and adolescent development, with 30 years’ experience as a medical doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. Last night was about aiding important conversation between Year 9 students and a woman close to them – strengthening relationships and providing support in this transitional year. Rites of Passage workshops continue throughout Year 9.

Mr David Alexander
Head of Campus — Holy Eucharist, Year 9

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