Holy Eucharist Campus

What’s next?”

This is a question Mr David Alexander, Head of Campus, and I have asked ourselves often over the last months as we worked towards the opening of the Holy Eucharist campus; a site designed specifically for our Year 9 cohort. The question has continued to be asked as the College prepared the physical space of the campus and our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to develop an innovative and engaging curriculum, ready for day one. 

It is now a question that we offer up to our Year 9 students. 

  • What’s next for you? 
  • What do you want to get out of this year? 
  • How can we support your learning? 
  • What are the possible solutions to the problem? 

Often we are met with confused faces. Aren’t teachers meant to have the answers, not meet student’s questions with questions ourselves? This deliberate and sometimes confronting approach forces students, in a society where any answer is only a click away, to think for themselves. We want our students to approach tasks with a can-do attitude and realise that they themselves hold the answers to many of the questions they pose. 

It allows them space to consider their next step. What’s coming up for you? Will you enter the part-time workforce for the first time this year? Will you manage school, family and community commitments better than ever before? Not surprisingly many students find it difficult to articulate what might be in their future, and, as educational trendspotters will tell you, our ever-developing workforce makes knowing with certainty the job you will have almost an impossibility. 

So our focus at Holy Eucharist is on building skills. In a traditional sense we can no longer train students for a job so we must equip them with the skills needed to be successful in the varied pathway they will inevitably have. Responsibility, resilience, problem solving and a strong sense of identity are our focus. We, as a team at Holy Eucharist, are enthusiastic to embark on this journey with your sons, ready to assist them to extend themselves and meet the challenges along the way. 

So, we ask “What’s next?”, knowing that the answers will certainly lead your son to places he has not yet considered, to a future that is unimaginably exciting and full of possibilities. 

Ms Lauren Anderson
Learning and Teaching Leader- Holy Eucharist Campus

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