Holy Eucharist News

As we come to the end of our first term at Holy Eucharist campus we have taken the opportunity to reflect on the opportunities and challenges presented to our students. One way to gain an understanding of these has been through our Student-Led Conferences, held over two evenings in the past week, where we have asked students to be present and lead the discussion on their own learning, with their teachers and parents there to help them. As our young men develop, and we encourage them to be responsible for their own learning, it is important that they play a central role in these conferences. 

Students were asked to prepare their goals for the semester as well as examples of tasks they have felt challenged them. From this, a discussion was held around their home and school study environments, and how they could be best supported in achieving their goals. It was helpful to parents and teachers alike to hear what perceptions our students had of their efforts and motivations; these were very honest conversations and help us to respond the ‘whole’ student with the various commitments and challenges they face, rather than just the student in the subject we teach. Sharing learning goals and using these as a checkpoint with students during the year is a powerful tool in creating young men who are focussed, accountable and responsible for their own learning and future pathway. 

The ways in which our first Year 9 Holy Eucharist group has met the opportunities presented to them at a new campus inspires staff to continue to innovate and we congratulate them on a successful first term. 

Ms Lauren Anderson
LATL — Year 9

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