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St Edwin’s Winter Sleepout 2019

On Friday 16 August, St Edwin’s House once again hosted the annual St Vinnies Winter Sleepout in which students sleep out in the cold to get a feel for how it is to be sleeping rough.

The night started off with a moving twilight liturgy. This heartfelt hour was spent reflecting on our own lives and others that may be living in poverty and are in need of our prayers. The liturgy, run by the Edwin’s House leaders was a sacred moment which touched each and every one of us in the room. 

Next up was listening to Neil who had been through rough sleeping. His speech was a once in a lifetime opportunity in which we heard stories of events not witnessed by many people. We all had many questions to ask him to which he responded with such grace we were all left in awe. Being able to speak to a real homeless person can really change your perspective on the issue and he alerted us to ways we could help those less fortunate than us.

After Neil’s amazing speech, we moved on to get dinner which was soup and noodles, just as the soup van would provide to those that require their services. 

Overall, it was an amazing night where we all learnt so much and took so much from the night. The tireless work by Ms Stevenson, Ms Alger and Mrs Brogan has again created another great night for us students to learn and experience poverty and rough sleeping.

Joel Lagastes
St Edwin’s House Lasallian Captain

Foursquare Tournament

On Wednesday 28 August, many Tiverton students crowded around the squares of the campus, to participate in the 4‑Square fundraiser. 

The fundraiser was organised by three of our Year 12 Students, Ben Gibson, Michael O’Dwyer and Wesley Mendes, with the goal of supporting the Immersion Trip to De La Salle Secondary School, at Bomana in Papua New Guinea, at the conclusion of the 2019 school year. 

The competition was fierce and the house spirit was alive, as each house battled it out during the rainy afternoon, as a wide range of skill was exhibited from students across all four houses. The day had to have a winner and in the end, it was St Austin’s House who was victorious. 

A big thank you to all the students who got involved, cheering on and representing their House. Also, our thoughts and prayers are with those students preparing for the Papua New Guinea Immersion at the conclusion of the year. 

Mr James Biviano
Lasallian Youth Minister

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