Important Notices

Contagious Conditions

De La Salle College would like to ask for your co-operation in an important matter. 

Members of our school community receive medical treatment which puts them at serious risk if they are exposed to infectious illnesses, in particular: chicken-pox, measles, mumps or shingles.

For chicken-pox, shingles and measles a special protective injection is available, however, it is only effective if given within 72 hours of exposure, and only lasts for one month.

If your son is suspected of having one of these illnesses it is very important that they do not attend school. It is also important that while your son is unwell they remain at home until they are no longer contagious.

If your son has chicken-pox, measles, mumps or shingles or is suspected of having a contagious disease please contact the school immediately.

The College values your support for the wellbeing of all our students. Please don’t hesitate to contact De La Salle Health Centre, if you have any questions.

Mrs Kylie Upton
Health Centre

Latest changes in Ollie

Parents are encouraged to view subject courses online via our College Learning Management System Ollie.

Parents now have access to view all subjects available at the College. To view courses click on the subject’s icon located at the top of your Ollie screen. This will assist in keeping parents abreast of the upcoming work in each of your son’s subjects. Parents have access to view due dates, submitted work as well as all student’s results and feedback entered by his subject teacher on Ollie. We also ask that you ensure your son is utilising the Ollie calendar to record his homework. Parents and teachers are able to view your son’s Ollie calendar to view homework and to work together in supporting your son’s organisation and homework load. 

Over the coming weeks in the lead up to the House Sports Carnival, House pages, will be, made available to keep you up to dates with all the latest information regarding your son’s house. For further information on how Ollie enables you to be involved in your son’s learning journey at the College please refer to the Parent User Guide located on the Ollie homepage.

Mr Rob Bonnici
Director of Learning and Development – Digital Learning

Emergency Management Drills

Over the next two weeks the College will conduct emergency drills on each campus.  These drills have been carefully planned by the Emergency Management Coordinating Team taking into account College events and classroom activities.

These drills will be conducted at Kinnoull on Wednesday 13 March sometime during the day and at Tiverton on Thursday 21 March sometime during the day and take approximately 20 minutes.

There will some disruption to phone services to the College during the drills. Parents will receive an SMS from the College to indicate the drill has commenced.

Mr Tom Ryan
Deputy Principal — Staff and Operations

Mission Action Day 2019

The College is going MAD!! 

It’s official! Students, staff, families and friends are going MAD, raising funds to support our Lasallian brothers and sisters in De La Salle missions at home and around the world. The generosity and commitment of our community to Social Justice, one of our key principles, continues to demonstrate that ‘walking the walk’ and being people of action drives our efforts to make a difference in the lives of those who need our support. 

Progress so far is encouraging! Staff and students, particularly our leaders from Grade 5 to Year 12, are to be congratulated on their energy and creativity in working together to maximise involvement and keep the total steadily rising. Sausage sizzle and drink packages (instigated by the Year 9 Leaders), class and campus casual days, cup-cakes, lunchtime activities initiated by Year 9 students Michael Steen, Lachlan Rowe and Daniel Van den Berg, House and Class activities and projects are just some of the initiatives currently supplementing the individual sponsorship efforts of all our students.

So, with Mission Action Day only five weeks away, go MAD, fill those sponsor sheets, get involved and keep our momentum and total ticking over!

Mr Chris Martin
On behalf of the MAD committee 

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