Important Notices

2020 Tuition Fees

The College Board has now ratified the Schedule of Fees 2020 and the updated College Fee Policy applicable from 2020. These documents are now available on the College website.

Please note the important changes:

  • all family accounts for the 2020 Annual Tuition Fees will now be issued at the end of January 2020.
  • should you choose not to pay the family account in full by 28 February 2020, the College Board has reiterated families are required to be on a nominated payment plan to ensure the College Annual Tuition Fees are paid in full by 30 November 2020.
  • a discount is applicable per student if the account is paid in full by COB 28 February 2020 (please refer to the College website).
  • the discount applied previously for any payment in full by the end of December is no longer available.

For any enquires or further assistance, please contact Ms Ellenor Harris in Family Accounts or email

Communities That Care Stonnington Parent Survey

Communities That Care Stonnington is passionate about improving the health outcomes for young people. One of their strategies is to explore parent/carer attitudes towards supply of alcohol to their children. 

The Our Young People survey has been created to gather community insights and understand common attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Responses are sought from parents and carers across the Stonnington community, living, working or with children attending school in Stonnington. Simply click here to take part.

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