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Police Presence in Legal Studies

On Thursday 8 August the young eagles of the Year 11 Legal Studies class experienced a first-hand account of the role police perform in enforcing and upholding the law from three officers from the Malvern Police Station, led by Acting Sargent Luke Gross. 

The young officers had the tables turned on them as our students questioned them about their role in the local community. We covered law enforcement, dealing with the crimes most prevalent in the Malvern and Chadstone vicinity, their approach to dealing with young people and their overall experiences in the day-to-day operations of the station. 

As part of their Unit 2 studies, students had been investigating their personal rights when dealing with the police and were able to gain an even greater understanding of their obligations with recent changes to the law regarding DNA and other sample collections. 

The officers were able to help the class understand a range of sanctions and discuss the appropriateness of sentences. Furthermore, the students had the opportunity to ask the officers about their work, including their frustrations and challenges, together with the reasons why they joined the force. In return, the officers shared with them stories of scary encounters with the unexpected, the camaraderie of the job, and its moments of joy and satisfaction. 

Consequently, our students gained valuable insight into the role of the police, from crime prevention to problem-solving. Students were amazed to hear the honest responses of the officers and it was an absolute pleasure to witness as they conversed with confidence and developed a wonderful rapport with our guests. 

We extend our thanks to Luke, Eliza and Ryan for sharing their time with us so generously. If any student is interested in a career with the Victoria Police, they are most welcome to pop into the Malvern Station.

Our next legal studies adventure will take us to the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court where we will explore the role of the Magistrate in weighing up a range of factors in sentencing, and observe an alternative approach to sentencing, the Drug Court. 

Mrs Sarah Blaschak-Brooks
Legal Studies Teacher, Kinnoull Campus

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