Lasallian Youth Gathering

Reflection by St Leo’s House Lasallian Captain

The Lasallian Youth Gathering took place in Melbourne this year which was fortunate for Jack, Joel, Michael and I (The Year 12 Lasallian Captains). As we only had to make a 30-minute car trip into Melbourne City, compared to some who had made the extensive journey from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Rural Australia to be present at the gathering. I think this truly begins to show the power and meaning that this gathering has. 

When we first arrived we weren’t too sure whether it was how we wanted to spend our holidays, but our walls and barriers were quickly broken down as we were embraced by the warmth of the Lasallian volunteers and youth ministers who ran the retreat. I’m trying to describe this experience but I don’t think words would ever be able to do it justice, however, I’ll try. To say the experience was life changing would be an understatement. 

The four days that we spent at the gathering would easily be one of the highlights of our year. It was truly powerful and beyond inspiring to see 200 other young Lasallians uniting together in one place through the legacy of St John Baptist de La Salle. The connections that we all built with the other young Lasallians was truly remarkable for the short period of time that we had and I know that we have all made friends that will be hard to forget now that we have gone our separate ways but I have no doubt I will see them in the future through the La Salle Mission Council or other ways in the future. 

This experience has sparked something of a fire within us all that is encouraging us to take what we have experienced and to push us to be more open to new experiences and people and to help those in our community and the surrounding region. I don’t think that I could recommend this experience more highly as it truly has been one of the best experiences that we have ever had and we feel beyond privileged to have been able to meet with and engage with the young Lasallians who are shaping the future of the Lasallian world and to learn and grow from a wide range of people who engage with the La Salle Mission Council Team.

Thank you to Ms Bassili and Ms Stevenson for volunteering their time over the few days with us, and to Deputy Principal Faith and Mission, Mrs Brogan for providing us with the opportunity to attend the Lasallian Youth Gathering.

Taine Krogh
St Leo’s House Lasallian Captain 2019

Reflection by Lasallian Youth Minister, James Biviano

Once every few years Young Lasallians in the District of ANZPPNG, (Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea), gather together for a four-day retreat known as the Lasallian Youth Gathering (LYG) to celebrate the vast community we share as a district. 

From De La Salle College Malvern, four of our Year 12 students, and two staff members along with myself were fortunate enough to get involved and inspired over the course of LYG.

LYG was celebrated in Melbourne this year, with over 250 students from other Lasallian schools gathering together to enjoy our Lasallian zeal and charisma as a collective community. The students involved were able to get inspired by the keynote speakers and to share in workshops, they were also able to engage with other Lasallian students, sharing stories and learning about how diverse and zealous our Lasallian brothers and sisters are. 

By sharing in this retreat, we were able to enjoy the energy, ideas and community of each other. Learning and forming bonds with the unique people around us.

LYG 2019 involved a live band, ‘Fresh,’ Slam Poetry, interactive workshops, small groups and inspiring keynote speakers including Nick Pearce co-founder of HoMie (Melbourne clothing brand supporting homelessness), and Tracey Adams the CEO of YourTown.

The theme for LYG was ‘One Heart. One Commitment. One Life.’ This theme is also the official theme of the Year of the Tercentenary this year, commemorating the Death of our Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle. 

As a group, we learnt about the Mission of our Founder, and we looked a little closer at the theme which reminds us, that as Young Lasallians we share in the hope and in the future of our Lasallian community. 

At the end of LYG, students were able to enjoy each other’s presence one last time before saying their final goodbyes and heading on home. LYG was a very beneficial taking away to build new friendships and a new understanding of our Lasallian community and what it means to be Lasallian. 

Mr James Biviano
Lasallian Youth Minister 

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