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Year 9 – 11 Exams

The examination period for Years 9–11 commences on Monday 3 June. Students from Years 9–11 will be involved in a series of examinations designed to consolidate and examine the learning that has taken place in Semester One. On Wednesday 12 June, all VCE Unit 3 students will complete the General Achievement Test (GAT). Students in Years 5–8 will be involved in in-class assessments in the lead-up to the conclusion of the semester, rather than exams.

Examinations are an integral part of the complete learning experience; however, it is also important to note that at Years 10 and 11 they will form part of the basis for determining entry into certain VCE subjects for 2020.  This is also the case for those Year 9 students wishing to apply for acceleration into a VCE subject in Year 10, 2020.

Given the importance of these examinations in terms of academic progression and crucial examination experience prior to Year 12, it is anticipated students will complete sustained examination preparation. All students are strongly encouraged to create a daily study plan at this point of the semester. In order to prepare effectively for success in exams, study would typically include:

  • revision of all individual notes, classwork and assessment;
  • revision of references and resources published on OLLIE, textbooks and handouts;
  • review and action on feedback for improvement provided for assessment and other tasks;
  • rote learning exercises;
  • practice questions, for speed, accuracy and quality of handwritten responses under time pressure.

The onus for exam preparation of this kind falls directly with each student. In addition, teachers will provide guidance and support within each subject. Where in doubt about the most effective approach for them, students should seek advice from their teachers and mentors.

Timetables for Semester One of 2019 will be made available to students in the coming days. They are specific for each student’s year level. Students will need to carefully check the timetable and make note of the date, time and venue for each exam. 

Please note specifics for each year level below:

  • Year 9 examinations will take place at the Kinnoull campus, commencing on Tuesday 11 June. Upon their commencement, Year 9 students will not have any timetabled classes and will be expected to arrive at school 20–30 minutes prior to the start of their first exam. They will be dismissed from Kinnoull at the conclusion of their last examination each day. 
  • Years 10 and 11 students are not required to be in Homeroom, however, they are to present at their examination location at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of their examinations. They are not required to attend school except for their scheduled examinations. For students undertaking a VCE Unit 3 subject, the VCAA General Achievement Test (GAT) will take place on Wednesday 12 June, from 10:00am to 1:15pm.
  • Year 11 VCAL students will follow the normal timetabled program in order to protect and maintain offsite VET attendance requirements, employer obligations and ongoing project work.

All normal school expectations apply regarding travel on public transport and it is a College requirement that all students attend examinations in their full winter uniform. 

Very best wishes to all students in their preparation for their Semester One exams.

Mr Mark Gustincic
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching

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