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De La Salle Libraries rock!

In response to a review of library services there have been huge changes in the libraries at De La Salle College this year. The library’s web presence, staff, look and resources have all been renewed and the statistics show that usage is up.

First up, the look been brightened up and our students love it. Lunchtimes in Tiverton Library are packed with Chess and UNO, homework and reading. It’s like a big lounge room!

The reading program has kicked off with each Year 5 to Year 8 class having fortnightly reading sessions in the library, with book recommendations from our Teacher Librarians. Loans are up, but the fact that the students are renewing their books shows that they are enjoying reading, and intend to finish the book.

The biggest impact has been the new library page on Ollie which is designed so that wherever a De La Salle College teacher or student is, they have the powerful resources of the library with them. 

Some of the features:

  • The Encyclopaedia Britannica — suits year 5–12. Has three levels of language and a built-in “read-to-me” function
  • EBSCO journal database allows students to search for journal articles and every Australian newspaper. Fabulous for current topics. This also has a “read-to-me” function
  • Bibliography – Students need to be taught how to write a proper list of references to show where their information comes from. You will find a handy tool and a video to explain how to use it.
  • If you search the library catalogue, you can find books, and journal articles, newspaper articles, articles in Britannica, videos – recommended resources, all in one click… so why would you Google?

In addition, the Teacher Librarians are curating resources for classroom teachers to provide support and extension material for topics covered in the classroom. 

This is only the first month. There is more to come!

Ms Catherine Ryan
Library Team Leader

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