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In the Music Department, we operate from the belief that the benefits of music to the individual — in terms of cognitive, physical, interpersonal and intrapersonal, emotional and spiritual development (and much more besides) — are unlimited. We foster our students’ sense of belonging and confidence, in an atmosphere of fun with a commitment to excellence. 

Sometimes I question myself as I awake early in the morning, often before the sun has risen, in order to arrive at school for a 7:30 rehearsal. Being the first one at school is never a good thing for my sleep schedule, but as soon as we are set up and playing, my doubts are erased. The brilliance of playing challenging music with peers from all year levels and Houses never fails to bring a smile to my face. 

Music at De La Salle is an extremely enriching experience that you can take in any direction you see fit, whether that be playing in a rock band, singing in a choir or learning an instrument on your own. The range of musical capabilities and interests present at our school combine to form the plethora of passion us musicians see on display every day. The opportunities I have been presented with at De La Salle have enabled me to grow as a musician throughout the past six years. 

I implore anyone who wishes to become involved to do just that. 

Joel D. Thompson
Music Captain, 2019

Music is in full swing at De La Salle College. Indeed, the month of May could well be renamed ‘Music Month’, as the music students and Music Department staff worked together with true Lasallian Spirit to deliver numerous exciting and memorable performances. 

The month began with the great success of the annual College musical production Mary Poppins, staged in collaboration with Our Lady of Sacred Heart College. The fine talent upon the stage was matched by that found below in the orchestra pit. With a four-month commitment to weekly rehearsals, the musicians of De La Salle College succeeded in performing this difficult work with great verve and accuracy, supported by only a few staff and professionals. 

The following Tuesday evening, the rescheduled Welcome Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral featured the much-expanded College Choir and liturgical ensemble, who performed with sensitivity and devotion, lending this important occasion for new Lasallians a befitting grandeur.

Two days later, a selection of the developing musical talent in the Year 9 cohort led the celebrations at the Holy Eucharist Campus Opening Ceremony. 

My name is Abraham and I play in three of the school music ensembles. I am in the Flute Ensemble, play flute in the Senior Concert Band, and guitar in the Stage Band. 

The Senior Concert Band plays medleys from movies as well as some classical pieces. The Stage Band plays many jazz, rock, funk songs, and is my personal favourite. 

My favourite piece to play from senior Concert Band is the Blues Brothers’ Medley and from Stage Band, my favourite is Splanky.

The De La Salle music department has created many lasting memories for me, and I am excited about getting to go on Music Tour later this year.

The De La Salle music program has been great for me and has helped me to develop as a musician. I love being involved. 

Abraham Pearce, Year 9

A combined Music Staff / Year 12 ensemble performed at the Tiverton Campus for the Tercentenary Mass for our founder St John Baptist De La Salle. A major highlight of this occasion was the rendition of the Tercentenary theme song, One Heart, One Life, One Commitment.

Our VCE musicians were again the centre of attention for the Unit 1 and 3 Recital Night, held in the Performing Arts Centre. Staff and parents in attendance were in equal measure charmed and startled by the high quality of performances by our students, as they executed extremely challenging works with poise and finesse. 

The final May musical event was an evening celebrating the wealth of musical life at our College, as all ensembles — Junior, Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands, the Stage Band, the Year 12 funk group Where’s Fletcher?, the Choir and Chamber Choir, the Brass, Saxophone, Percussion, Guitar, Woodwind and String ensembles — performed an amazing diversity of musical styles at the inaugural Autumn Concert.

Please click here for the full Autumn Concert 2019 Photo Gallery.

My name is Harry McInneny, and I am a member of Stage Band, Intermediate band and choir. As well as this, I was recently involved in the School Musical, Mary Poppins. With all of these ensembles and experiences, I’ve learnt to better understand the music that I play, and continue to improve my playing and note reading skills. 

Through the school music program, some friends and I formed a band, because of this, we had the chance to perform at the year 10 formal. As the singer of the band, I was nervous at first because it was my first time performing in front of an audience, but it turned out to be a lot of fun, and it was a great confidence booster.

Harry McInenny, Year 10

Looking ahead, the Music Department is busy preparing further exciting events before the term is complete. The Year 7 Bands Concert (also featuring the burgeoning Junior Concert Band and a Year 10 ensemble) will be a highly entertaining event, whereupon we will uncover the next generation of musical talent.

The Chamber Choir will perform an exciting a cappella version of Pharrell Williams’ Freedom at the upcoming Year 12 Seminar Day. 

Finally, the Co-Curricular Assembly on the final day of Term 2 is set to be a grand celebration of Music, Drama and Art, with quite a few surprises in store for the school community as we raise the roof of the Gym in a one-hour showcase of our diverse ensemble program. 

Music is a core element of our daily life at De La Salle College. We are always welcoming new musicians, so if you would like to know more about the ensemble and individual programs offered, please contact the Music Department. Please email Music Administration Officer, Ms Susan Jost or call on (03) 9508 2136 for more information 

Mr Luke Serrano
Music Coordinator

For those still asking… Where’s Fletcher? Fletcher Bird, Music Captain, Class of 2018 

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