Music Notes

Here are the upcoming public events in Music at De La Salle for the remainder of Term 3. 

Winter Ensembles Concert 

Thursday 29 August, 7:00pm — 8.30pm Winter Ensembles Concert in the PAC. All De La Salle College ensembles will perform. The concert will feature a sneak preview of a number from the 2020 Musical – The Curious Career of Typhoid Mary.

Unit 4 Music Performance Recital Evening 

Thursday 5 September, 4:30pm — 7:30pm Unit 4 Music Performance Recital Evening in the PAC. Come and listen to the finest musicians of De La Salle perform their 25-minute recitals. This year’s cohort of Year 12 musicians is extremely talented. This will be a great evening of high-class music-making. 

Instrumental Music Program Soirée 

Monday 9 September, 7:00pm – 8:30pm Instrumental Music Program Soirée. Four concurrent recitals being held in the PAC, Tiverton Library, Rheims Centre and Holy Eucharist Hall. A chance for every student enrolled in the Instrumental Program to shine as a soloist. 

Mr Luke Serrano
Music Coordinator

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