Music Notes

Here are the upcoming public events in Music at De La Salle for the remainder of Term 3.

Winter Ensembles Concert

Thursday 29 August, 7:00pm — 8.30pm Winter Ensembles Concert in the PAC. All De La Salle College ensembles will perform. The concert will feature a sneak preview of a number from the 2020 Musical – The Curious Career of Typhoid Mary.

Unit 4 Music Performance Recital Evening

Thursday 5 September, 4:30pm — 7:30pm Unit 4 Music Performance Recital Evening in the PAC. Come and listen to the finest musicians of De La Salle perform their 25‐minute recitals. This year’s cohort of Year 12 musicians is extremely talented. This will be a great evening of high‐class music‐making.

Instrumental Music Program Soirée

Monday 9 September, 7:00pm – 8:30pm Instrumental Music Program Soirée. Four concurrent recitals being held in the PAC, Tiverton Library, Rheims Centre and Holy Eucharist Hall. A chance for every student enrolled in the Instrumental Program to shine as a soloist.

Mr Luke Serrano
Music Coordinator

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