Music Notes

De La Salle Bands perform at the Victorian School Bands Festival

In Terms 3 and 4 each of the Junior Concert Band (led by Ms Claire Block), Intermediate Concert Band (led by Ms Penny Karahalios) and the Stage Band (led by Mr Jaymee Lee) have given performances at the Hawthorn Town Hall as part of the Victorian School Bands Festival. 

Pictured below is the Junior Concert Band, which has gone from strength to strength in 2019; the 35 young musicians braving cold early Monday mornings to attend weekly rehearsals with great dedication. The future of the Music Department is in good hands with this fine array of young talent.

Year 7 Concert

The Year 7 Concert, featuring the class ensembles of 7 Dunstan, 7 Jerome and 7 Solomon and guest performances by senior school musicians will take place on Wednesday 20 November in the Performing Arts Centre at 7pm. 

Christmas Concert

The entertaining Christmas Concert will take place on Wednesday 4 November in the Performing Arts Centre at 7pm. 

Mr Luke Serrano
Music Coordinator

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