Music Notes

Year 7 Music Concert

7 Dunstan, led by Ms Block were victorious for the first time in the history of the Year 7 Band Competition at the Year 7 Bands Concert held on Wednesday 20 November. For their efforts, they won perpetual bragging rights and a free pizza lunch. 

The instrument award winners for Semester 2 were Lachie Grey (flute), Richmond Bagnall (clarinet), Marcus Viscovich (saxophone), Seb Walker (trumpet), Charlie Doyle (trombone), Cason Schutz (bass guitar), Alexander Hadaway (percussion). Congratulations to all of our young musicians. 

Year 10 outfit Cormac and the Bruh Moments also performed two ’80’s classics as our guest artists. 

Christmas Concert

Please come along to celebrate our year in Music and the spirit of Christmas (set for a very funky and groovy makeover!) at our Christmas Concert in the PAC on 4 December, 7:00pm.

Mr Luke Serrano
Music Coordinator

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