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Senior Seconds XVIII Round Five Match Report

  • De La Salle 11.9.75 defeated Salesian 11.8.74
  • Best: S. Lanigan, T. Shannon, S. Paine
  • Goals: T. Shannon (4), M. Morffew (2), Baulch, Doolan, King, Reed, Waterstone

There were two burning questions on the lips of the Kinnoull cohort this week. Would salmon be replaced by parmigiana on the Year 12 Formal Dinner menu, and would the Seconds finally secure a win against Salesian in the battle on Wednesday? 

The Cellar Dweller Cup was fought out on a magnificent autumn afternoon at the picturesque TH King Oval. The conditions were ripe for a free-flowing, invigorating contest, and that is exactly what ensued. 

Yet again, De La Salle was without the services of a number of key players. Joel Lagastes, Manny “The Man” Gashi and Aiden “Hulk” Yates were all unavailable. 

As has become the pattern for the 2019 Twos, at times we looked fabulous with sparkling passages of play; on other occasions we looked diabolical with loose or non-existent marking of opponents and fundamental skill errors that have the coaching staff tearing out what little hair they have left. 

Salesian, after a couple of strategic moves around the midfiled brigade, brought themselves right back into the contest. By the final break, scores were level. The crowd was set for a tense and nerve-wracking final quarter. 

Our first ten minutes was ordinary, but the final ten minutes of the first quarter was well-oiled. The second quarter saw DLS pile on five goals to one and commanding a 40 point lead at the main break, epitomised by the dominating performance of Travis Shannon. He took strong marks, booted long goals, created contest and brought the ball to ground for such as Morgan “The Fish” Morffew, to crumb and snap handy majors.

Tough’, ‘uncompromising’ and ‘determined’ are words that would describe De La Salle’s approach to the game in this final act of the drama. Morffew’s snap over the left shoulder was the match winner, and won’t be easily forgotten by those who saw it. 

There were many fine individual performances. Jonah “The Whale” Haberfield, along with Sam “Tilt” Lanigan were both outstanding with their resolute and no-nonsense defensive efforts. The on-ball brigade; Doolan, Reed and King maintained their usual high standard. Pat Muling was excellent, nailed numerous tackles and ensured every Salesian contested mark was hard won. Sam Paine’s runs off half-back were inspiring. Ewan Baulch provided a much needed tall, muscular presence up forward.

I’m happy to report that both questions can be answered in the affirmative. The ‘parma’ is back and, yes, the Seconds won; albeit by the narrowest of margins. 

Mr Gerard Barns
Senior XVIII Coach

7A AFL Football Report

  • De La Salle 6.5.41 defeated Mazenod 4.7.31
  • Best: Sheedy, Rigas, Breguet, Yze, Barling, Chiriano, McKlisky
  • Goals: Yze (2), Rigas (2), Lucas, Randerson

This report has taken extra time to write because I’ve been crying tears of joy, I’m on my fifth keyboard – the others have short-circuited. Such a shift there has been in the world of sports politics. 

Kicking against a 2–3 goal breeze, De La Salle were first on the board with a courageous goal against the wind. Mazenod were able to regain the ascendency kicking three for the quarter and took a twenty point lead. There were desperate efforts all over the ground including a stoic Sheedy settling the back six and providing plenty of rebound. Chiriano was providing first use in the ruck contests and was well support by McGrath and McAuliffe.

Ley again showed poise in the backline and was able to provide plenty of rebound across half back. Lucas and Rigas were good up forward and provided lots of options and were good around the goals. Their input in the second quarter was invaluable assisting De La Salle to outscore Mazenod three goals to one.

Coach Ryan provided the master move in the last quarter moving Randerson to the forward line. He combined with Rigas to kick two valuable goals and put the result beyond doubt. 

A great win by the De La Salle team.

Mr Shaun Buckley
7A Football Coach

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