Be You

This time of year can be tricky – the weather is cold, the days are short, the flu is going around. It is normal to feel stressed, tired and over it – and it may be that your son is feeling this way! 

In order to support your son’s wellbeing and mental health, I would like to direct you to the new initiative between Beyond Blue and Headspace – Be You. Be You is a resource for educators, providing professional learning, fact sheets and other information to teachers and school staff in the domain of positive mental health. Teachers at De La Salle have been engaging with this resource, and completing modules designed to help them notice and support students who may be having a hard time. Even though the website is targeted at educators, please feel free to log on and have a look.

Be You also has a specific community for families on Facebook, which is designed to help parents and families support young people to be their best. Please click here to open the group page on Facebook (Facebook account required).

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal — Students

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