Here at De La Salle College, we are lucky to have students with huge potential and a wide array of capabilities. We work hard to give our students opportunities to prepare them to be excellent ambassadors for themselves, and for the College, both within our community and in the wider world. 

Student Leadership 2020

The process for electing the Year 12 College Captains has started, with students putting in their applications and staff providing references for them. The candidates for College Captain and Vice-Captain spoke passionately and proudly in front of their year level, staff and the 2019 College Captain and Vice Captains on Friday 9h August. Each of the ten candidates spoke of their love for De La Salle, their connection with their peers and their enthusiasm for creating positive change while fostering positive mental health and relationships with staff and community. The next stage of the process involves interviews for the prospective captains, with Mr Houlihan, Mr McAlroy and myself, followed by House Leader elections. It is wonderful to see the depth of ability in the 2020 Year 12 cohort. 

Uniform Changes

By now, you will have noticed students wearing De La Salle beanies and scarves. We have worked with the students to ask them what they want in order to make them more comfortable, and to better represent the College in public and on campus –  and scarves and beanies were their suggestions. 

These items are now for sale in our school uniform shop and will be in stock at Dobsons stores. The College branded beanie is $16.50 and College branded scarf is $15.50. These items are part of the winter uniform and are to be worn in Terms 2 and 3 going forward. The beanies are an outdoor item of uniform and are not to be worn inside classrooms. Scarves can be worn indoors, but in Science and Technology labs, students may be asked to remove them for safety. 

In order to ensure that students at the College look their very best, and take pride in their appearance, staff will regularly run ‘blitzes’. These blitzes will focus on different parts of the uniform and will include things like blazers being worn to and from school, shirts being tucked in, hair being cut appropriately (above the collar, not in a mullet or fade) and students being clean-shaven. We will also be focusing on students keeping their mobile phones in lockers, and keeping their laptops free of stickers. 

If your son is found in breach of these rules he may be issued with a Friday detention, and if he breaches these rules on an ongoing basis he will be given a Saturday detention. In some situations, a student may be sent home until he complies with school direction. 

Please support us by speaking with your son and ensuring that he travels to and from school in correct uniform, as well as reminding him that his uniform should be worn perfectly while at school. Please assist us reinforcing that there will be consequences for failing to do this. 

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal — Students

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