On Monday 22 August the De La Salle community gathered to celebrate our annual Father’s Day breakfast. The importance of the Father and Son relationship is widely known, as young men often develop their self-esteem and sense of identity through their connection with the male role models in their lives. 

A healthy relationship between young men and their families, in general, helps ensure that they have a safe place to be themselves, someone to speak to, and a resource when support is needed. 

This relationship was celebrated by our College Captain, Liam Jenkins in his Father’s Day speech, which I include here. 

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal, Students

College Captain’s Speech

Good morning all, it is a great honour and pleasure to speak to you today about the inspirational male role models in our lives.

Today, we take this opportunity to reflect on, acknowledge and thank our Dads for the crucial role they play in shaping and influencing the people we have become. 

Since we were born we have always looked up to the father figures in our lives. As sons, we’ve always had the peace of mind knowing that we can rely on our dads to always be there for us. Whether that’s witnessing our first steps, our first win in sport, taking us for our first driving lesson, being available to offer much-needed advice or even attending father’s day speeches — our dads are always around the corner. 

Many of the qualities and attributes that we exemplify as sons have been adopted from observing and learning from our father’s behaviours and teachings. Some personal qualities such as:

  • Being Protective — he makes sure that his family has all the necessities for life as well as prioritising their safety and security. 
  • Being Motivational — Encouraging us to dream big and to believe in ourselves, giving us the confidence to have a go – knowing that our dads are always there to pick us up if we fall.
  • Being Gracious — Being respectful in the way they treat and speak to others. Considering the feelings and wellbeing of those around us and always selflessly putting others before themselves.
  • Exemplifying Dedication — Demonstrating how to work hard, stay focused and to have self-drive to achieve goals

These values set the path that leads us toward becoming a good man and a valued person. 

Our dads are so much more than just a parental figure. 

Who is the person that is always available to kick the football with you at the park, who is the person that will help you with that tricky maths question, or if he finds it too complicated — has the courage to admit defeat and suggests you go ask your mum? Who is the person that will every day – without fail — ask how your day went and who is the person that will try to get some cheap laughs with some questionable “dad jokes”?

Our dads are our coaches, our teachers, our corny comedians and our mates. Some may also claim to be our ATM’s or “tap and go scanners” – commenting that their wallet now holds a photo of us where their money once used to be.

Our fathers are the people who can relate to our highs and lows as young boys because believe it or not they were once young boys too. Their wisdom and knowledge of manhood will provide us with the direction for manoeuvring through life’s obstacles and this insight is invaluable for what we face ahead. This point is best summed up in a simple quote from an unknown source 

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way”. Author Unknown

Our dads are irreplaceable figures in our lives. They proudly watch us grow into young men and their pride gives us the confidence to tackle each day head-on. Their reassuring words and their unique wit and humour, which brings a smile to our faces every day, will forever enrich us.

We don’t need to look any further than the person next to us for the guidance and support we need as young men. Although we probably don’t say it enough — dads we value the time we spend together, your company and conversations — you have done an incredible job for us so far and for that, we say thank you. 

Happy Fathers Day!

Love you, Dad.

Liam Jenkins
College Captain 2019

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