Study and Balance

Balance your life with reading

Reading something you enjoy for at least 15 minutes every day will do wonders for your wellbeing. Research has shown that reading for pleasure can:

  • increase empathy
  • improve relationships with others
  • reduce the symptoms of depression
  • improve wellbeing throughout life.

It also unconsciously improves students’ grasp of language in different contexts.

At De La Salle, every student’s life is currently being enriched with reading — in fact it is emphasised in the English Curriculum. Once a fortnight, students from Year 5 to Year 9 have a full period allocated to reading books chosen by themselves in line with their own interests.

The students love biographies, fantasy, action-adventure, real-life, historical and humour, and De La Salle’s library collections are built to cater for all levels and broad tastes. 

We have also introduced eBooks which students can read on their laptops or on their phone on the way to school. We encourage them to recommend titles which they think should be in the collection.

The latest focus has been on growing the Graphic Novel (comic) collection. The libraries have a number of Japanese Manga collections as well as graphic versions of well-known novels. Reservation levels are high, showing that our students enjoy the Graphic Novel format.

At De La Salle we recommend that all students read something they enjoy every day and we are always available to guide them towards finding those genres that give them pleasure. 

Ms Catherine Ryan
Library Team Leader

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