Tiverton Campus

Years 5 to 8

As we enter the final two weeks of Term 3 it is an important time for the Tiverton students to focus on the importance of study and balance. 

In the Year 7 Braingrow program, we have been discussing the importance of working with the ‘thinking’ part of our brains and not becoming too stressed and anxious and then using the ’emotional’ part of our brains to make bad decisions that we might regret. This applies to study habits, whether studying for tests, finishing off homework and assignments, or getting new work for the first time. 

We want our students to develop resilience, not become overwhelmed, staying balanced in their thinking and decision-making so they can perform tasks and complete work to a high standard. 

This week, as part of the Braingrow program, we will be focusing on positive brain change and the elements of the RISE principle. 

RISE means to:

  • REPEAT things ®,
  • Take Responsibility (I),
  • Create a SAFE environment (S),
  • Put in EFFORT (E).

For more information regarding the Braingrow program please go to www.braingrow.com.au.

In the final weeks of Term 3, the Student Wellbeing Team will be focusing on students doing the following:

  • Completing all set work in class and for homework,
  • Consolidating their learning at home, so they are ready for the next day,
  • Bringing all set materials, including the correct uniform, to class so students are ready for learning, and
  • Putting in maximum effort to all classes, every day for the last two weeks.

Come and see any of the Tiverton Wellbeing staff (Director of Students, Year Level Coordinators, Health Care Centre or Tiverton Psychologist) if you are having trouble finding that balance.

One student in Year 8 Benilde, Ryo Hayashi, has amazing study and wellbeing balance. He is not only able to complete all his school work but was also able to compete in the Victorian Swimming Age Short Course Championships at MSAC recently, taking home a silver medal, two bronze medals and a position in the top ten for two other categories. An amazing effort Ryo – well done and keep up the great work and healthy balance in your life!

Mr Martin Gibbs
Director of Students Tiverton Campus

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