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Year 7 and Year 8

Responding to parent and student concerns about cyber safety can be very challenging in this day and age.  Our students have been born into an online world and we, together with parents, have a responsibility to guide young people through this space as safely as possible. 

Earlier in the year, our Year 7 and 8 students heard from Ms Susan McLean about the appropriate use of their devices and balancing this with some “green time”. She is the most highly qualified Australian Federal Government eSafety certified educator. The session was delivered with clarity and humour and challenged all students to stop and think about what they do online and what the consequences might be for them not only today but for the rest of their lives. As part of our ongoing education of students in this sphere, our Year 7 and 8 students are constantly reminded in our weekly Year level assemblies to report any issues that impact their safety and to speak openly with parents about what is happening to them. 

We also welcomed Susan to speak to our parent cohort and her presentation on Respect and Responsibility was straight to the point. She recounted episodes from her extensive experience in this space, from her first report of cyberbullying in 1994 to her training with the FBI, her visit to Facebook’s HQ and her work with the AFL and other organisations.  If you would like some extra information on cyber-safety, please go onto The College School TV page and explore some of the resources.

Uniform Standard Guidelines

De La Salle adheres to Restorative Practices in managing issues regarding students in the hope that students will understand the vital role they play in the community. It is an expectation that all students follow the below mentioned uniform policy, especially in the coming weeks before the end of Term 2 and we thank you for your cooperation on these matters:

Students are expected to wear clothing which is clean, tidy and well maintained. 

  • Shoes should be clean and polished. All students are required to wear black leather school shoes with the school uniform, without exception. 
  • Neat haircuts are required, with hair to be groomed at all times. Hair must be above the collar and the fringe length must be off the face and not tucked behind the ears. Examples of inappropriate styling include, but are not limited to: tails, mohawks, shaved heads, ponytails, dreadlocks, undercuts, mullets, lines, hair cut shorter than No. 2 clipper/combs and extreme high fade. There is no variation to normal hair colour. 
  • Jewellery, except for a watch and a religious medal (cross) on a necklace, is not to be worn with the College uniform. Jewellery including ear, tongue and/or facial rings (even when covered with tape), wrist bands/bracelets and rings on fingers are not acceptable. 
  • Students are not permitted to have visible tattoos. 
  • Students are to be clean shaven at all times. 

Students who fail to meet College expectations regarding appearance and uniform may be sent home by the Year Level/House Coordinator or Director of Students. 

Mr Martin Gibbs
Director of Students, Years 5 — 8

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