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Dendy Sports Competition

The Year 5 and 6 students have begun their Dendy Sports Competition on Friday afternoons in both AFL football and netball. Participants reported a terrific competition and fun had by all in all of the games. We look forward to seeing and hearing about further skill development in these sports, and the further building of positive relationships between students. Many thanks to the Primary School staff; Mr Ben Ahern, Mr Andrew Kearns and Mr Terry Atkins for their leadership in this space. 

Year 6 student Aidan Stewart commented: “Dendy sports is great because of all of the fun that you have, and you get to have more space to run around. It was a great oval and great refs”.

We are also looking forward to our two different inquiry excursions occurring over the next month. The Year 5 and Year 6 students will head to the Port Phillip Eco Centre in St Kilda on the new, revised time of Wednesday 22 May. The students will focus on the impact of human activity. They will also journey to the MCG on Tuesday 18 June continuing their exploration of leadership with the Melbourne Football Club. Students should wear sports uniform for both of these excursions. 

Year 7

Camps and Activities Week

The Year 7 students journeyed to Ace-High Camp in Cape Schanck during the second week of Term 2 in their class mentor groups. They undertook a variety of activities from horse riding, mountain boarding, nature walks to tackling a giant swing and the flying fox. The intention was to build stronger relationships within the cohort, for students to create new friendships and to consolidate others, and to challenge themselves mentally and physically by taking them out of their comfort zones. 

Read more about the Year 7 Camp and Activities Week.

While not on camp, the Year 7 students undertook a holistic week of learning with a newly created activities week. They took yoga and personal training classes, created mission statements and logos for each of their class groupings, undertook a study skills and organisation session with Elevate education and had a whole day reflection retreat on the Kinnoull campus. 

Many thanks to Year 7 Coordinator Dr Melissa Walsh for her huge investment of time and energy coordinating and leading the program, and to all the Year 7 class mentor teachers and other teaching staff who participated both on the camps and in the activities at school. 

Year 8

Term Focus: Self-Respect, Work Ethic and Organisation 

The Year 8 students will continue developing good work habits, showing each other respect and being organised in Term 2. In a recent Year Level assembly, Mr Stephen Brick discussed the following:

  • Good habits and effort take time to build up
  • Some of these habits include being focused, motivated, finishing tasks well and with quality
  • Being organised will increase your overall productivity, more time will be spent on the things you like, and will reduce your overall stress and anxiety
  • Holding yourself accountable and positive self-talk will assist with this process

There has also been a strong emphasis with the Year 8 students about the College hands-off policy. The Year 8 students have been directed to the Student Management Policy (Level 4 serious offence category) that states the following:

Any fighting over a ball in the schoolyard, play fights between students in or outside of the classroom environment, friendly tackling and threatening and intimidating behaviour will immediately result in a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning detention. On-going physical behaviour will result in a suspension, a return to school meeting with the Director of Students, and it will be recorded on permanent school records. 

Student Management Policy 

Mr Martin Gibbs
Director of Students — Middle Years

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