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2020 VCE Results

Outstanding VCE results -
Congratulations to the De La Salle Class of 2020! 

  • The Median Study Score for 2020 is 30, keeping us in line with the State average and many “like” schools
  • The percentage of Study Scores 40 and above is 8.55% – our best in the past ten years – and up from 7.85% last year, 7.22% in 2018, 6.43% in 2017 and 5.3% in 2016. This displays terrific progression and growth in five consecutive cohorts – a very pleasing reward for the targeted work of leadership and teachers in lifting results and pushing their students
  • We have continued our impressive pattern of recent years in relation to high numbers of students attaining ATARs in the 90s, with 2020 results in this area particularly notable given the interruptions to onsite learning. With 13.53% of the cohort attaining an ATAR of 90 or above despite the remote learning, this is very pleasing
  • We had an exceptional 31.57% of ATARs in the 80 — 99.95 range, up almost 2% from 2019
  • The percentage of students with ATARs in the 70 – 99.96 range is 50.38%. This is marginally lower than last year’s but continues our record of keeping 50% of ATARs above 70
  • The Median ATAR is 70.60. This is fractionally below the high-water mark of 73.15 set in 2018, but continues the excellent record in recent years of keeping the Median ATAR above 70

The impressive range of superb individual results, with many students doing exceptionally well, is testament to their commitment and organisation, coping very well with the rigours of months of remote learning. The high standard our students have largely been able to maintain as a cohort in comparison to recent years is also noteworthy and a credit to the students’ resilience, ambition and their teachers’ professional and flexible approach this year.

I am so proud of all our young men; without the comfort and routine of everyday onsite contact with peers and teachers they strove for personal success and maximised their results through sheer devotion to the task.

Congratulations to 2020 College Dux, Aaron May, who achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.25.

Chemistry               45        A+        A+        A+
English                   40        A+        A+        A
Specialist Maths     40        A+        B+        A+
Maths Methods       43        A          A+        A+
Physics                   48        A+        A+        A+

Aaron also took Unit 3 & 4 Systems Engineering in 2019, with a Study Score of 44.

Congratulations again to all our Year 12 students and teachers on this tremendous achievement for 2020.

Congratulations and thank you to all the Unit 3 & 4 teachers who invested so much time, effort and expertise in teaching, mentoring and advising each and every student in their care. De La Salle’s effective management and delivery of remote learning was a highlight in a demanding year.

With the state median for all subjects being 30, we have so many with median Study Scores in the 32 – 36 range, figures which sit at the very top of the scale when compared with any of Victoria’s highest performing schools. Several Learning Areas and individual subjects have achieved their very best results for at least ten years.

The overall improvements we saw in 2020 are testament to the targeted approach and diligent attention to detail evident among the students and the positive relationships our teachers enjoy with our young men. This support and rapport were more important than ever in the months of remote learning, managing the transition back to onsite learning and dealing with such a unique range of academic and wellbeing issues. As ever, the organised and intrinsically motivated performed at the highest standard. The marked difference in the performance of students at all levels has largely removed the “tail” of lower scores of five to ten years ago.

I am so proud of all our young men and how they embraced and coped with the trials delivered to VCE students in 2020. The most capable and diligent were best able to deal with the challenges and changes but perhaps even more worthy of merit was the resilience and performance of those with lesser gifts who strove for personal success and maximised their results through sheer devotion to the task.   VCAA’s introduction of the Consideration of Educational Disadvantage (CED) process, diligently applied by our staff, also assisted a range of students

Thank you once again for your support during the year; it was greatly appreciated by all in our wonderful community. I wish you a happy and safe holiday in the remaining weeks of your break.

Mr Peter Houlihan

To view the Principal’s Letter Read Here
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