Faith and Mission

Opening and Welcome Mass 

On the evening of March 5, all new students in Years 5 and 7 at De La Salle College were welcomed warmly at the Opening and Welcome Mass held at St Patrick’s Cathedral. 

Fr John Sherman OMI celebrated Mass before a filled Cathedral of students, families and staff. We also welcomed the presence of De La Salle Brothers, Br Peter Smyth FSC and Br Michael Carroll FSC. 

The evening was also special for our senior Year 12 Captains, our Tiverton Campus Captains, Holy Eucharist Captains and Primary Captains as we witnessed their acknowledgement as the 2020 Leadership group. 

Fr Sherman delivered a beautiful homily that gave witness to the words from Matthew’s Gospel (5:13–16), during which he invited our three College Captains to join him on the altar. 

The Opening and Welcome Mass is an important annual event in our College Calendar. It brings students, families and staff together to celebrate the commencement of the year ahead, allows us to acknowledge those new to our community and, by celebrating the Eucharist, we recognise what is central to whom we are as a Catholic and Lasallian Community.


As we continue to journey through the days of Lent and realise that these days are almost over, we remember that we began with Ash Wednesday and received the mark of ashes on our foreheads, and have continued to keep the weeks of prayer and good deeds. Some of us have contributed to the almsgiving that is asked of every Christian. 

Soon we will be ready to celebrate with our families the Triduum, the three holiest days of the Christian calendar; Holy Thursday, Good Friday And Holy Saturday. 

During this time, we become aware of Jesus dying on the cross and rising again. As we prepare these coming holidays for Easter, I hope that all families find the time to reflect on the story of Jesus. And that this Easter season, as we endure the troubles and complexities that the world is facing, may his teachings remind us to rejoice in his cross and praise him in his resurrection. 

Ms Rana Brogan
Deputy Principal Faith and Mission 

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