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Welcome to Holy Eucharist

A warm, heartfelt welcome to the Year 9 cohort of 2020. Life at Holy Eucharist continues to brim with goodness as it maintains its status as a campus on the move. 

Summer works have allowed us to add several digital screens around the campus; the ability to cater to a Technology elective on-site; and the addition of an operational kitchen for a brand new Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Elective. The learning environment remains fresh, roomy and state of the art. Shading and outdoor breakout spaces have also been a welcome addition to the yard.

Students are empowered to take a more mature and organised approach to their learning this year. The Year 9 calendar is intended to provide unique platforms for their learning. Already this year, the Year 9 cohort have set personal learning goals; engaged in Rites of Passage workshops; began their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, and are working in the community every Tuesday afternoon as a means of Lasallian Service.

On Sunday 25 February the Holy Eucharist Parish formally welcomed Year 9 De La Salle students and their families into East Malvern. The Mass was standing room only and afterwards the crowd spilled out into the yard, to be bathed in sunshine for a well-received BBQ put on by our Parent Network.

As a team we look forward to aiding this highly distinguishable year of learning.

David Alexander
Head of Year 9 Campus

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