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St Edwin’s House Charity is St Vincent De Paul, a charity that works hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia. The St Edwin’s House Easter raffle is an annual fundraising event facilitated by Edwin’s House Coordinator, Ms Stevenson and the Senior House Leaders.

Students in Edwin’s House are invited to bring in Easter eggs, which fill up the Easter hampers and once these hampers have been filled, the wider school community has the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets, with all proceeds going to St Vincent De Paul. It is a fantastic opportunity to unite the closely-knit Edwin’s family in fundraising, but even more of a privilege to share this with the wider school community and contribute to the safety and security of Australia’s less fortunate.

In addition to the annual Easter raffle, St Edwin’s House traditionally holds an annual ‘Winter Sleepout’ where Kinnoull students have the opportunity to sleep at school for a night and endure the cold weather in order to experience a glimpse of what life would be like without the comforts of a bed, heating or a roof over your head. 

It is the willingness of St Edwin’s students to become so immersed in fundraising and social justice, which makes our House truly special!

Antony Valcanas
St Edwin’s Lassallian Captain 

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