Stay Active, Stay Healthy

With the times that we are in, it is super important for young men to stay fit and active wherever and whenever we can. It is vital that everyone is doing at least one hour a day of physical activity of some sort, whether it’s going for a run, walking the dog, or a having a kick in the park, for the sake of our mental health and physical fitness, we should be doing something active. 

As young men, we also need to look after our Mental Health. One way to both stay active and raise awareness for Men’s Mental Health throughout the pandemic is the new ‘Push Up Challenge.’ This is a new campaign that has been introduced to raise awareness of the issue of Male Suicide. 

It challenges participants to do 3046 Push Ups over a 21-day period from 11 May to 30 May. This number reflects the amount of Male Suicides there were in Australia in 2018.

Exercising makes you happy

Exercising each day provides a higher level of blood to your brain, and can also reduce the risk of anxiety, which makes you maintain a higher level of positivity and see an improvement in concentration.

Tips on How to Stay Active:

First thing in the morning, nothing sets up your day better than getting up early and doing some form of physical activity

After long periods of sitting, getting up and going for a walk around the block can be great to reduce stress and regain focus

Getting into a regular sleeping pattern, early nights and early wake ups

Identifying your start and finish times help to give yourself a goal to work towards throughout the day and allow you to rest at night

Lastly — Stay Connected with one another!

Sebastian Fernandez
Sports Assistant

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