Safety And Courtesy

A reminder to all students in our community that their behaviour in public must be courteous, respectful and positive. Many of our students travel home via train or tram, or walk home on main roads, which we share with the public. We need to ensure that when members of the public have an interaction with a De La Salle student, they come away impressed with how polite and considerate they are. Let us all do our bit to make sure this happens. 

Students must also take care with their safety, including safely boarding trains and trams, and only crossing at designated crossings and lights. Please talk with your son about how important this is, so he is travelling safely to and from school. 

Leadership Induction

Last Friday, 21 February, saw the induction of our De La Salle College leaders at the first whole school assembly for 2020. These young men were presented to the entire school community and committed to a year of service, following the lived example of Saint John Baptist de la Salle. We will hear from the College Captain, Andrew McGaw, who inspired and motivated all students at De La Salle to aim for their personal best. 

Wellbeing Resources

Keeping young people safe is a shared responsibility between schools, parents, communities and the Australian Government. There are a number of government resources that have been created to assist in supporting the wellbeing of students across the country, which you may find useful. 

Ms Jessica Alger
Deputy Principal — Students

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