Teacher / Staff Q and A

Melissa Walsh, Year 7 Coordinator

Can you give us a brief description of your position? 

I am responsible for supporting all the Year 7 students as they begin their secondary school journey here at De La Salle. One of the most important parts of my job is having possession of the Master Key for all the lockers! Lately I have seem to be using it on a daily basis as lots of Year 7 students have forgotten their locker combinations during remote learning!

More seriously, the Mentors for each homeroom do an amazing job with the students on a daily basis, so a key part of my role is to help the Mentors and then, when needed, step in when extra help is required. I also organise the Year 7 Camp, present at Year Level information nights, and visit primary schools to start the transition process into De La Salle. I also teach Year 7 History, English and PD, as well as a Year 11 History class. 

How long have you taught at De La Salle? 

Since 2018.

Can you tell us something special about teaching at De La Salle?

The students are very appreciative of their teachers. It is very nice to be thanked for doing your job. During remote learning, I also developed a new appreciation for my fellow teachers as we learnt how to teach in new ways. I have had some inspiring discussions with many colleagues about new ways we can teach and learn here at De La Salle. I am very proud of what we achieved this term and excited for the future.

Who is someone you admire and why?

That’s a tough one. I have many people who I know personally who I admire. If I was to consider people in public life, I have a great admiration for journalists who, at this time in history, are subjected to insult and violence and even death for reporting stories that powerful people may not want made public. A free and rigorous press is really important for our democracy. So I admire all those people who try to shine the light of truth in those dark places. Maria Ressa in the Philippines is a good example, as is Carole Cadwalladr in the UK and Ronan Farrow in the USA. 

Do you have any pets? Can you share a picture? 

We have a family cat called Zimmy. She thinks she is a dog. 

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

I actually wanted to be an architect, right up to about Year 9 or 10. It was around that time someone said to me that my maths skills weren’t really good enough for me to get into that field. Rather than challenging that assessment and having a growth mindset towards maths, I just kind of accepted it. Even so, I think deep down I always wanted to be a teacher and was always going to end up in the classroom because I just love learning so much!

Which is your House and who do you support in the AFL?

Mighty Austins House and the Mighty Magpies!

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