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Primary School — Years 5 and 6

The Primary School for Years 5 and 6 has started with a flurry of activity with new students integrating well into the new classrooms, new processes and procedures, and getting used to their new teachers for 2020. 

The Student leadership elections occurred during this week and we are all excited to see what these leaders will bring to the College. We also had our Meet and Greet sessions with the classroom teachers and many thanks to the parent body for attending, and for Mr Andrew Kearns, Mr Terry Atkins and Mrs Anette Phillips for leading that important process. 

There is also a relaxed Primary School Welcome BBQ on Thursday 21 February and we look forward to seeing as many of you there. 

Student Leaders 2020

Year 5

  • Julian Perri — Captain 
  • Charlie Hill and Benjamin Marchesani – Vice-Captains

Year 6

  • Charlie Welling – Captain
  • Jeremy Thai – Vice-Captain
  • Tom Harrison — Austins Captain
  • Franklin Dunn — Austins Vice-Captain 
  • Tom Dinh — Edwins Captain 
  • Benjamin Easton — Edwins Vice-Captain
  • Henry Dwyer — Leos Captain
  • James Harris — Leos Vice-Captain
  • Evan Chen — Marks Captain
  • Lincoln Higginbotham — Marks Vice-Captain

Year 7

Under the leadership of Dr Melissa Walsh, Year 7 Coordinator, and our class mentors the Year 7 students have started their journey into the Middle School with excitement and enthusiasm. Students in their first assembly have been told to “be brave” and to try new things in the first term at the College. 

Our philosophy for Year 7 is for students to be curious, creative, critical thinkers and confidently encounter new situations. These could include House competitions at lunchtimes, ACC sports trials and upcoming student leadership elections. There has been a strong emphasis on the students getting organised for their classes and their learning, to keep up with their homework on the learning management system Ollie, to use their Resilience Project diaries regularly, and to keep asking questions of their teachers to gain confidence, knowledge and understanding in all that they do. We wish these students well. 

Year 8

Our Year 8 students have started the 2020 school year brightly, under the guidance of our new Year 8 Coordinator, Ms Susan Kiernan, and their class mentors in the newly refurbished Tower Building. The emphasis has been to get students into regular routines during the school week and on the weekend to enable homework to be completed, consolidate what has been learnt in the class at home, and to strive for excellence in all disciplines that the school offers.

We orient our Year 8 students to work towards their personal best and prepare for the transition to the Year 9 Campus by the end of the year. The Year 8 students are encouraged to engage in upcoming House Competitions and ACC sports trials, as well as other offerings at the school, to further develop their skills. 

Mr Martin Gibbs
Director of Students — Middle Years

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