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Primary School Years 5 and 6

The Primary School students have been working hard to celebrate International Women’s Day this year with a key focus on celebrating women’s achievements and also what the word “equality” means to our Year 5 and 6 students. The students wrote stories and comics and made a Hero Wall within their new classrooms to celebrate this inquiry unit. This culminated in a terrific celebration last week in the Primary School classrooms with our assembly. 

The highlight was newly-elected Primary School captain Charlie Welling espousing that his love of female sporting stars, such as Cathy Freeman and Elyse Perry, is overshadowed by his love for his mum. She is his hero for working hard everyday to support Charlie and his family. 

We also want to celebrate the Year 6 classes for doing their best at the Year 6 Cave Hill Creek. The boys and the staff had a terrific learning journey and many thanks to Terry Atkins, Tom Ryan, and Andrew Kearns for leading this. We hope the students are enriched by these learning experiences. We look forward to undertaking the Year 5 camp to Sovereign Hill later in the year. 

We also want to celebrate Finn Sebire and Charlie Hill for representing the school at the recent ACC Swimming Championship, where both students tried hard and performed at their best. 

This was a theme in our successful Melbourne Football Club leadership day with the values of teamwork, hard work and continuous improvement discussed with our students and the players.

Year 7 and 8

The Year 7 and 8 students continue to settle well into the College in Term One and the two themes of “organisation” and “responsible computer use” has resonated well with the students. We do encourage students to plan accordingly for their homework each night and each week to ensure the work is done and stress levels are reduced. We will continue to reiterate at the College that the laptops are for educational purposes only. 

Students can access the library before and after school, and at recess and lunchtimes in order to complete any work. However, we have a strict no gaming policy as students are encouraged to concentrate within class in order to learn and to respect others in the classroom environment. Also, lunchtime and recesses are used to eat healthy food, play with friends and socialise in a non-online environment. 

Both Year levels will be focusing on the key issue of “respect” over the coming weeks at our Year Level Assemblies. The focus will begin on respect for oneself with an appreciation of personal grooming and hygiene but also healthy eating habits. We know that learning and memory are adversely affected by unhealthy diets and so we strongly suggest to all our students that breakfast is essential before school and healthy snacks and lunch are provided to optimise learning opportunities and development for all our students. This was reiterated at our Year 8 Parent Information Night recently by Dr David Collins from Braingrow. 

Martin Gibbs
Director of Students — Middle Years

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