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Student Wellbeing Committee

By giving students their voice, we recognise the individual and enable a young person to feel a sense of empowerment and connection with their school life. 

Schools that are able to effectively create a positive culture through experiences based on respectful and positive relationships not only enhance the wellbeing of the young person but can also provide opportunities for student empowerment and engagement in their educational context. 

De La Salle College is excited to be launching a new Student Wellbeing Committee this year that will enable students to have an authentic voice within the College. 

The committee will consist of students across all Year Levels, allowing for both senior and junior students to collaborate their ideas and work in concert with each other. 

By enabling and promoting the participation of all students we are:

  • Supporting our students to understand their rights, contribute to child safety planning and raise concerns;
  • Promoting and encouraging student participation in decision-making;
  • Valuing and respecting students opinions;
  • Seeking students views about what makes them feel safe and unsafe;
  • Establishing an environment of trust and inclusion that enables students to ask questions and speak up if they are worried or feeling unsafe.

A new OLLIE page has been created: Student Wellbeing Committee.

Student applications close on Wednesday 4 March.

Shane Mackintosh
Director of Students — Senior Years

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