24 JUNE 2021

Vaping epidemic

Recent reports into the prevalence of young people using vaping pens and e-cigarettes has shown a huge surge in the use of these devices. Many young people don’t realise what they are inhaling when using these.

Known facts are:
  • E-cigarettes and vaping pens are designed to deliver nicotine into a person's body. It doesn’t matter whether that nicotine is smoked or vaped – when you’re young and your brain is still developing, nicotine can do lasting, even permanent damage
  • Around 90% of e-cigarettes are made in China and it’s not a well regulated industry. Liquids are often not labelled accurately, with a recent study conducted in NSW indicating that 70% of these actually contain higher levels of nicotine than cigarettes
  • You may think that you are just vaping a flavour, but there is no way you can be sure. This is not just water vapour, it is actually aerosol containing metals (including chromium, nickel and lead)
Reference: Paul Dillon – Drug and Alcohol Research and Training

Using vaping/e-cigarettes at school is a serious health risk to this community. The ongoing health risks associated with this activity are serious. Students are not to smoke any tobacco product or e-cigarettes (vaping) while at the College, whilst participating in extra-curricular activities or while wearing the College uniform.

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Shane Mackintosh
Director of Students (Senior School)

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