24 JUNE 2021

St Austin's House Support Refugee Week

St Austin’s House has had a long and successful association with the Melbourne Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office. This year, Refugee Week will take place from 20 - 26 June.

With current COVID-19 restrictions still in place, some of the planned activities will have to be postponed until next Term. However, we would like to acknowledge Refugee Week and focus on raising awareness, which is equally as important as fundraising. In the Daily Notices each morning during Week 10, leaders selected a prayer and provided a fact about refugees and asylum seekers in Melbourne/Australia. The leaders are also currently preparing a Kahoot for Mentor Groups to play in class based on Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

As soon as we are able to, St Austin’s House look forward to fundraising for this important charity.

Angela Runci
St Austin's House Coordinator
Austin's House Shield [AW]

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