24 JUNE 2021

Holy Eucharist Campus
Year 9

A bumper Week 10 calendar was on show for the Year 9s at the Holy Eucharist Campus.
Pipe cleaners and playdough can mean only one thing… perhaps reliving pre-school learning… but in this case, Project Based Learning Sprints. Facilitated by Year 9 Learning and Teaching guru, Lauren Anderson, this session was a little more prescribed than usual, but ensured learning outcomes were achievable.

Pictured is a group of Year 9 students who engaged with the inquiry cycle of learning associated with the Global Financial Crisis - focusing specifically on how a financial bubble could avoid a catastrophe like this occurring in the future. This was indeed learning delivered differently.

Our friends at the Man Cave ran workshops to support the psychological and emotional development of a boy. These sessions help provide a safe space for the Year 9s to discuss issues that are important to them.

Later in the week, this health focus then changed to looking at a student’s unique spiritual journey, through personally crafted Reflection Days. This platform was deeply appreciated by the Year 9s.

A well-deserved Term break awaits the Holy Eucharist Campus staff and students after a stellar Semester One.

David Alexander
Year 9 Head of Campus
Global Financial Crisis

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