24 JUNE 2021

Year 12 Seminar

The Year 12 RE Seminar Program was allowed to proceed with House groups of students attending an inspiring address by Sam Clear. Unfortunately Sam was unable to fly into Melbourne due to Government COVID-19 restrictions, instead he presented via Zoom.

Sam studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tasmania before embarking on five years of full time Catholic Youth Ministry. He then sold everything he owned to undertake a 15,600km walk around the world for Christian unity from 2006 to 2008. Sam spoke of his arduous journey. He was held at gunpoint three times, beaten up, thrown into jail, faced scorpions and a puma, yet continued his journey. He walked continuously in both 47 degree temperatures as well as below 47 degrees in Siberia. He stopped at all churches on his journey to ask them to pray for Christian unity.

Students were enthralled by Sam’s incredible and dangerous adventure. The stories were moving and inspiring. His overall message was simple, fighting in communities including faith communities perpetuates judgements and the attitudes of I/we are right and you are wrong. Divisions result. His simple desire was to perpetuate one small action. Unity in action, asking others to pray for unity. Maybe all our Duce readers could take a minute to follow Sam’s desire, saying a prayer for world unity. We can start with family unity and local community unity. This will have a ripple effect that goes out to the world.

Kathryn Holewa
Learning Area Team Leader - Religious Education

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