24 JUNE 2021

Learning and Teaching

As we conclude Term 2, I would like to extend my thanks to the College staff for the mighty effort in adjusting and re-adjusting to the demands imposed upon us with the recent lockdown. Similarly, it has been most pleasing to see the efforts of the students in making the best of the disruptions to normal routines and patterns.

I regularly see evidence of the quality of character of our students. A recent reinforcement of this has been through feedback from the Academic Assessment Services group who recently conducted the Allwell test with our Year 10s. They were gushing in their praise of the conduct and level of engagement of our students through the three-and-a-half-hour-long test.

With the exam period concluded and Semester Two programs underway, our sights are now set to Term 3. Some important key dates that have been adjusted due to Term 2 disruptions are listed below:
  • Rather than the normal two-day Professional Learning Program for staff at the beginning of Term 3, this has been altered to a full day on Monday 12 July and from lunchtime on Monday 2 August. In addition, there is a Professional Practice Day for teachers on Friday 30 July. These student-free days are crucial times for teachers to work together in building skills and knowledge as well as plan for the upcoming academic period.
  • Semester One Academic Reports will be published to OLLIE for parents and students on Thursday 22 July.
  • We have just received notice from the VCAA that the General Achievement Test (GAT) has been rescheduled to Thursday 29 July. This impacts all students undertaking Unit 3&4 studies this year.
  • The 2022 Subject Selection process commences early in Term 3. It features a series of information sessions and workshops for students and parents, particularly at Years 9 and 10. More information to come.
My best wishes to all for a safe and restful Term break.

Mark Gustincic
Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching

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