24 JUNE 2021

Kinnoull Campus
Year 10 - 12

Year 11 VCAL – White Card Professional Learning
Recently the Year 11 VCAL students participated in a full day incursion training session to obtain their White Card accreditation. The White Card is a mandatory requirement for construction employees working in the construction industry. With many VCAL and VET students currently undertaking a pathway in this industry, the White Card enables our students to have access and work on operational construction sites. During the White Card training course, the students learned about Australia’s legal requirements for workplace health and safety on construction sites.

Year 12 Seminar Morning #5
The Year 12 Seminar program continued this fortnight with Sam Clear the guest speaker. Sam’s narrative is unique, walking 15,600km on foot through South America, Central America and North America, across Siberia by train, and on foot again from Moscow to the western most point of Spain. Sam’s “walk4one” enabled him to spread his Mission to promote peace and unity around the world. His story highlighted that despite overcoming exceptional adversity during his adventure, it was the commitment to his faith and relationship with God that helped him to achieve his Mission.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the many students who have obtained personal academic ‘bests’ this Term at Kinnoull. The holidays will provide all students with an opportunity to refresh and recharge for what promises to be a very busy second half of the year. Wishing you all a very safe and relaxing holiday break.

Shane Mackintosh
Director of Students (Senior School)

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