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Primary Report

A number of Year 5 and 6 students have been rewarded for outstanding qualities within the classroom. Qualities such as inclusiveness, respect, great behaviour and strong work ethic were promoted though awards at a recent assembly. These awards will be given out each Term.

Congratulations to the following Term 2 awardees:
Primary Awards 1
Primary Awards 2
Primary Awards 4
Primary Awards 3

Dendy Sport

Each Friday afternoon, Year 5 and 6 students represent the College in the Dendy Sports AFL Competition. After a close loss to St Joan of Arc in week one, students have found their rhythm and have enjoyed competing against other schools including St Finbar’s Brighton and Galilee South Melbourne. These games lead up to our Lightning Premiership on Friday 17 June, parents are welcome to attend the games and carnival. Many thanks to coach, Andrew Kearns, trainer, Eleni Giamadakis and AFL trainee and umpire, Lucas Liakakos for their support and enthusiasm.

Robin Lennon has been training both the soccer and netball squads in the lead up to our Lightning Premierships in June. We will have one soccer team representing the College and two netball teams at the carnival. Many thanks to Carolyn Green, and parents, Karen Griffiths and Natalie Cormer, for their support of the Sport and PE program.

High Performance Sport

Over the past few Wednesday afternoons, twenty Year 5 and 6 students have been working hard in our High Performance Basketball Program. Students have learnt new fitness techniques from personal trainer, Nathan Jones, had a lesson about positive growth mindsets and learnt new skills and tricks for offence and defence from Sabres basketball coach, Max Roberts. We will complete the program by the end of the Term.

Getting Organised

As reported in our last Primary Duce, the key focus for staff and students in the Primary School this Term has been organisation. Each day, teachers will be checking student diaries to see if they have continued their reading and completed set homework. Students are expected to have a charged laptop for every class, as well as two red, blue and black pens and two HP pencils, a working glue stick and a ruler for every class. Please replenish your son’s stationery stock so he is organised for every day of learning.

Primary Music Concert

Primary students were treated to a String Ensemble Performance by the De La Salle Music Staff on Wednesday 4 May. This was designed to inspire the students to continue with their string instruments as part of their Music program and maybe even join private music lessons or an ensemble in the future.
Our Primary Music Concert is on Wednesday 8 June at the College PAC from 7pm - 8pm. There will be parking on site and we hope many parents can attend. This will be a highlight of the musical year that is guaranteed to send you off with a smile and a sense of wonder at what your son can do!

The concert includes:
- Year 6 Classroom Music String Program
- Year 7 Concert Band Program
- The Junior Concert Band
- A special performance by a student run band

Excursions and Incursions

The proposed Year 6 Taskworks excursion has moved to Thursday 23 June during Period 1 and 2 in the Tiverton Gym. This STEM excursion is totally hands-on and the equipment is designed to offer students a chance to immerse themselves in mechanical, electrical and pneumatic design. The excursion displays the basic operation of various machines as well as understanding light and sound. Many thanks to Sharon Bourke for organising.

The Year 5 city excursion to undertake the Indigenous Walk has moved to Term 3 and all Year 5 and 6 students will also experience an immersive MCG experience in Term 3. More details to follow.

Online Chess Tournament

Several parents and students have expressed an interest in Chess. The online Chess Open Tournament is held weekly during Tuesday lunchtime (12:50pm). If you would like your son to represent the College in Chess, they need to be part of this lunchtime tournament. To qualify, log onto the OLLIE Chess page.

Lunchtime Activities

All Year 5 and 6 students are encouraged to undertake a range of lunchtime activities available on the Tiverton Campus. Some of these include:

From the Health Centre

A number of students are presenting with symptoms consistent with coronavirus, coughs and head colds, influenza and gastro. There are also cases of second time coronavirus infection as immunity wanes. Please monitor all symptoms of illness and if your son is symptomatic, please do not send him to school until he is asymptomatic. If your son presents to the College with symptoms, he will be sent to the Health Centre for assessment and you may be contacted to collect your son for monitoring at home. These are the current DoH guidelines which are endorsed by the College.
Please consider our school community when monitoring your son’s symptoms. We have some community members with serious health concerns, including family members undertaking various treatments for chronic conditions, pending scheduled operations and general medical conditions that require constant monitoring. Protecting each other protects ourselves, our families and our school community.

Child Safety Reminders

  • In line with our Child Safety Policy and safeguarding standards, all visitors to the College must report to the Tiverton Reception before entering the Tiverton Campus.
  • If you wish to request a meeting with a classroom teacher or Director of Students, please email us to set up a meeting time.
  • If students have any flu like symptoms, please immediately report this to your classroom mentor teacher. Please test and rest at home so all our students stay safe during this time.
  • Students are to keep their mobile phones and i-watches in their lockers. If parents need to make contact with their son or his teacher throughout the day, please call the Tiverton Student Reception on 9508 2100.

Important Events

Please note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the College events listed below may be subject
to change. Please refer to the Daily Notices in OLLIE for updates.
For primary school news, please contact:
Martin Gibbs, Director of Students (Middle School),

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